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    Fried Tamarind Potatoes



    • 1 bag Natura’s Tamarind mix
    • 4 large potatoes.peeled and cubed
    • 2 cloves garlic,peeled and minced
    • 3 chives.thinly sliced
    • Vegetable Oil
    • A pinch of Red Chilli Powder

    For Tamarind Souce:

    • 1 bag Natura’s Tamarind mix
    • Water
    • Thick dark soy sauce


    • In a large nonstick skillet,preheat vegetable oil. Add cubed potatoes and fry until they are half cooked.
    • Add minced garlic,chives and chili. Continue cooking,stirring occasionally until the potatoes have crisp edges.
    • Just before serving pour in tamarind sauce and stir fry to coat potatoes evenly. Serve fried tamarind potatoes hot.

    Tamarind sauce

    • Prepare Natura’s Tamarind mix leaving it concentrated by adding less water ( Remember that each bag yields half a gallon)
    • In a small mixing bowl,combine: 1 tablespoon tamarind mix,3 tablespoons fresh water and 2 tablespoons thick dark soy sauce