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    Horchata Rice Pudding

    Who doesn’t like rice pudding? A dessert as traditional as our Aguas Frescas. This recipe, with Natura’s Horchata taste, would definitely make a delicious and special dessert.



    • 1 package Natura’s Horchata mix 
    • 1/4 cup rice


    • Prepare Natura’s Horchata according to directions: Add 2-3 tbs of mix to an 8 oz glass of water. (Remember that one bag yields half a gallon)
    • In a source pan, bring 4-1/4 cups of prepared Natura’s Horchata to boil 
    • When it starts to bubble, add rice and cook at low heat for 45 minutes (cooking time would vary depending on type of rice used) . 
    • Stir constantly to prevent rice from sticking to the bottom 
    • One rice is fluffy , remove from heat and place in dessert dishes. Let cool off and then refrigerate.
    • Garnish with cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder