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    Lemon Cupcakes with Hibiscus Frosting



    • 1 Natura’s Hibiscus mix package
    • 8 Lemon cupcakes (magdalenas)
    • 4 oz soften cream cheese
    • 2 oz soften butter
    • 2 cups powder sugar, sifted
    • Dash of salt


    • Prepare Natura’s Hibiscus mix leaving it concentrated by adding less water (Remember that each bag yields half gallon)
    • Whisk cream cheese and butter until smooth
    • Add salt to cream cheese and butter mixture
    • Add 1/4 cup Hibiscus drink in small increments and continue mixing until you obtain an uniform color icing (frosting)
    • Use a teaspoon to put a small amount of icing on top of each lemon cupcake (magdalenas ) and let it spread by itself
    • Add decorations immediately