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    Piña Colada Tart

    Summer desserts are everyone’s favorite. The refreshing Piña Colada flavors will be the perfect ingredients for this recipe.



    • 1 bag Natura’s Piña Colada mix
    • 8 oz package cream cheese 
    • 1 cup whipped cream 
    • 1 cup milk 
    • 2 packages gelatin (hydrate in 1/4 cup of cold water)


    • Prepare Natura’s Piña Colada mix. One bag yields half a or 8 glasses of 8 oz each
    • Blend 4 cups prepared Piña Colada, cream cheese, whipped cream, and milk until throughout mixed 
    • Dissolve gelatin ( double boiler or put in microwave for a few seconds until liquified)
    • Pour gelatin to Piña Colada mixture 
    • Pour mixture into a greased pan and refrigerate until it sets