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    Piña Colada with Love

    The sweet Piña Colada flavor is the ideal companion for love and friendship on this  special day. This recipe will be perfect for every moment of your celebration.



    • 1 bag Natura’s Piña Colada mix 

    • 1.5 oz vodka 

    • 1 oz peach liquor

    • 2 tsp grenadine 

    • Ice


    • Prepare Natura’s Piña Colada  mix according to directions (1 bag yields half a gallon or 8 cups of 8 oz each
    • In a blender, add 4 oz prepared Piña Colada and the rest of the ingredients. Fill to half glass with ice 
    • Blend until smooth 
    • Service immediately in martini glasses 
    • Add a great ambience