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    Tamarind Mousse

    Today is a dessert kind of day. Make a delicious and easy to make dessert. 

    This recipe, using our Tamarind mix, is ideal to satisfy that delicious craving!



    • 1 bag Natura’s Tamarind mix 

    • 12 oz evaporated milk 

    • Lemon


    • Put evaporated milk in the refrigerator at least a day before preparing the recipe. Milk has to be very cold 
    • Next day take milk from the fridge and use a mixer to beat it 
    • Add 4-5 tbs Natura’s Tamarind mix . Beat until  it’s mixed  throughout 
    • Pour in dessert dishes and refrigerate for at least two hours until it sets 
    • Serve and add a lemon wedge for garnish