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    Horchata with Cococnut - COCORCHATA

    If you love Horchata, what do you think about combining this delicious drink with a special ingredient? We’re talking about coconut, this fruit is the main ingredient for a lot of recipes that gives everything a special taste. Learn how to make a delicious horchata with coconut, refreshing, creamy, and with a delicious flavor that you can make with our mix.




    • Prepare Natura’s Horchata mix according to directions: 1 bag yields half a gallon or 8 cups of 8 ounces each 
    • Blend 4oz. prepared Horchata with shredded coconut until smooth 
    • Strain mixture 
    • Pour in a pitcher with the rest of prepared Horchata, mix well
    • Serve in a glass with ice and garnish with coconut flakes